Fundamental attribution error in portman hotel case

These individuals operated on different floors each day and that raised the problem of division of tips. To prevent this, there needs to be clear supervision and this role is currently held by Scott, the director of room services. By solving these issues, the hotel will be able to improve productivity, efficiency and the service it provides.

Reaching this flexibility is one of the main goals of the hotel due to the issues the PVs and the 5-Star Team Plan are bringing up. Deakin Research Online, 18 13— We advise to carry out several drastic changes, such as altering the PV-system in order to increase profitability and the chances of success.

Because of the implementation of the Team Captains, who are able to keep an eye on their respective teams, their overview of the teams should be utilized to get more detailed evaluations on employees and respond adequately to problems that arise in a timely matter.

In particular, the theory of expectancy can shed light on this issue. When inappropriate behavior is not corrected, it could continue to the point where it influences others.

The clienteles and guests are dissatisfied with the services rendered and the management of the establishment is concerned…. It also includes Negative Reinforcement, avoiding an unwanted stimulus; Positive Punishment; Negative Punishment; which results in the change of behavior of by employee actions.

Fundamental attribution error in portman hotel case would also have been an inspiration to all other groups of people showing how the Portion Hotel Management values its employees.

Portman Case Study Analysis

First, with the FAE, the problem is with management. Hotel Management and Operation. This would also result in an excellent communication between the employees and the management.

Furthermore, we advise the management to set up a contract for employees to make them aware of their responsibilities to the company making a clausal agreement for employees that do not meet these requirements: On the other hand, the drawback is that this may result in a situation where problems mostly remain the same and there are no significant improvements.

Due to the disharmony amongst the PVs, floaters and other personnel, it has been difficult for people to properly perform their job. The floaters are very susceptible to shirking: PVs are not satisfied with the fact that their work ratio, work balance and earnings are not as described when they were hired.

Different tasks were assigned to different staff members. Furthermore, tips were low because guests were not yet acquainted with this new type of service. In the case study of Portman Hotel, the floaters were perceived as being inconsiderate and indisciplined.

Now that we have defined what ET is we can relate it to the case. ET proposes that a person will decide to behave or act in a certain way because they are motivated to select a specific behavior over other behaviors due to what they expect the result of that selected behavior will be.

This theory also enlightens the need for management to create a clear job outlining for the PVs.

The Portman Hotel Case Study

The next threat is making drastic changes may lead to the so-called Domino Effect: During low occupancy, normal PVs are enough to cover the work.

If all floaters behave in a similar way, then the situation they are in is to blame. In addition to this, the PVs were also tasked with cleaning of the rooms, undertaking minor maintenance of the hotel areas, cleaning the hallways, right upto restocking the minibars in each of the rooms Heckscher, Competing Successfully with Other Hotels: Considering that The Portman Hotel has not been operating for a long time, it does not have the budget to perform an overhaul of the entire system.

However we still strongly advise to implement this position because it would be a great mean of clarification for the employees to understand their responsibility. Up until now, floaters could easily be added to work schedules to complete the employee occupation.

The greatest thing of a man lies in respecting others because it shows the ultimate compassion and concern towards others. The plan decreased the turnover after which the management reacted by firing the PVs. Human Relations, 28, - Jaspars, J.

How can managers reduce employee intention to quit? The brand has to start with the culture and naturally extend to customers.

Flexibility connects these three key issues: An employee who tends to be paid the least - customer service representative - is going to be the most critical conduits of the brand. If they survive, it is only because their respective governments will not let them go under.The Portman Hotel Company was a relatively small hotel with only rooms and 21 floors located in San Francisco’s booming hotel district.

It was influenced with Asian philosophy of services, to provide high quality hospitality to its guest at affordable rates. Excerpt from Case Study: Portman Hotel Company Diagnosis Business Goals and Accomplishments of PV (Personal valets) System The Portman Hotel Company The Portman Hotel Company is acknowledged as being one of the prestigious and luxury hotels in the expanse.

Portman casePortman Case Study General: THE PORTMAN HOTEL COMPANY Briefing/Assignment Sheet (Or questions to organize. The Portman Hotel Some of the problems plaguing the Portman Hotel in its inception include a lack of harmony among the workers, a lack of effort by some of the personal valets, and a lack of discipline on the part of management.

Portman Hotel-Case Words | 9 Pages. 1) What is the Portman Hotel business model and what was the personal valet arrangement trying to accomplish? The business model of the hotel was setting new standards in the hotel industry from the very beginning. It was a niche product, a revolution in guest service and style of service.

The Portman Hotel The Portman Hotel runs on a system that, for the most part, focuses on one main employee, the Personal Valet. The theories we will examine are the Fundamental Attribution Error, the Expectancy Theory, and the Operant Conditional Theory.

The Portman Hotel Case Brief 1 Essay Case Brief Essay.

Fundamental attribution error in portman hotel case
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